Friday, September 4, 2009

AKM101 Lesson 4

We had four lessons and for the next few weeks we will be having online lessons. Today, we re-examine the issues of teaching mathemeatics versus teaching children. I am glad to hear many views including if the national examination assess good habits of mind and spirit of innovation and enterprise. It is popular rhetoric that all the things outlines in various initiatives are fine and good but the examinations do not value them and hence teachers do not place emphasis on them. That is what this course is about - for the participants to re-examine this beyond the popular rhetoric, to reconsider one's present point of view and points of views of the other participants and to examine the issues more deeply. Thus two questions - one, how to help students reach a certain level of achievement that will allow them to progress towards becoming a productive citizen of the country and the world and, two, as teachers, should we go all out to ensure highest grade possible, even at the expense of teaching the child values and developing his or her confidence to face the world or moulding their personality as a well-adjusted youngsters?