Wednesday, July 31, 2013

National Singapore Math Summer Institute at Westminster Colorado Day 2

This is my presentation on Day 2 which is to show how to use Singapore Math to implement Common Core State Standards.

Skemp's idea of relational understanding and instrumental understanding reminds us that there is no dichotomy between procedural and conceptual understanding.

We referred to three big ideas today - Generalization, Visualization and Number Sense.

Three ways to subtract (1) subtracting 3 from 4 and subtracting 7/12 from 9/12 (2) subtracting 3 from 3 and 7/12 from 1 (3) having everything as twelfths

Share 2 pizzas between 3 friends (1) 6 thirds shared by 3 (2) 6 fourths and 6 twelfths shared by 3

Students learn procedure alongside the concept.

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