Friday, August 16, 2013

Wheelock College EDU330 Elementary Mathematics at SEED Institute

The 8th BSc cohortor completed their module on elementary mathematics today. I t is good to see that a degree in early childhood requires students to know something about primary level mathematics. I have been teaching this course for several years now.

One of the tasks the students did in class was to write story problem for 3/4 divided 1/8.

Some do not show the required division 

There are 3/4 of a pizza left at a party. 
Sam cut 1/8 of the the remaining pizza into equal parts.

Advil calculated the division correctly (8) but wrote 

Peter has 8 pizzas.
He ate 3/4 of it (them).
How many slices did he eat?

This could have been correct if it was

Peter cut a pizza into 8 equal slices.
He ate 3/4 of it.
How many slices did he eat?

Adil's story is answered by doing 3/4  x 8.

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