Monday, October 20, 2014

Course 1 for UK Teachers | Clerkenwell Centre

Day 1 >> click on day 1 to access slides >>

Setting The Context - Data on student achievement over the years were presented.

Teaching through a Problem - What are the features of a mathematics lessons? What are the theoretical underpinnings and research basis for these features?
We did four basic concept lessons (equal parts, addition within forty, subtraction within 100 with regrouping, square) and one word problem lesson (division of three-digit number).

I often say 'Can you see with the eyes in your mind?' in my presentations. It is derived from the common phrase 'in my mind's eyes' which was given to use by Shakespeare (1602 in Hamlet when he write "In my mind's eyes, Horatio."). The concept of having mind's eyes is ancient, dating back to Chaucer (c.1390 when people still spelt funny, he wrote "It were with thilke eyen of his mynde, With whiche men seen, after that they been blynde."). 

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