Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 15-20 | Jacksonville

K-2 Institute           Slides are available here.
Video on Three Meanings of Subtraction is available here.
Day One
The general sessions on Numbers and Geometry introduces the five elements of a lesson - exploring, structuring, journaling, reflecting and practicing with their theoretical underpinnings.
The breakout sessions are workshops on addition and subtraction, common difficulties in measurements (length, time and money), and bar models.
The end of day reflection by participants indicated that they found CPA Approach to be an important learning point together with the ideas by the 'five wise guys' (no, none of them is either Ban Har or Sarah!). The idea of letting students solve a problem in multiple ways (Method 1, Method 2) was also mentioned by a participant.
Day Two focuses on writing and discussing assessment items as well looking at an example of formative assessment. I also did a kindergarten math session and delivered the opening session on generalization.
Selected TIMSS Items here.
3-5 Institute            Slides are available here.
Common Core State Standards Critical Areas - Look under Introduction
Day One
The opening sessions looked at metacognition in computation and problem solving. The closing session shows the main elements of a math lesson - exploring, structuring, journaling and reflecting.
I also did a session on ratio and another on bar models.
Day 2 focuses on fractions, visualization and assessment.
6-8 Institute             Slides are available here.


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