Sunday, October 10, 2010

Leaders and Educators in Asia Programme by Course by NIE International

Fifteen primary teachers from the Philippines will be in Singapore September to December to complete the Customized Training Programme (CTP) under the Leaders and Educators in Asia Programme (LEAP) which is a subset of the PGDE programme, where LEAP teachers do only specific components of the programme instead of the whole PGDE programme. It is specially designed to cater for the teachers’ needs based on their local context in Philippines.

I am fortunate I will be teaching both the mathematics content and pedagogy courses (a total of 50 hours to the group). The regular PGDE programme is slightly twice as long. Thus, I will have to identify critical aspects to develop the course and to capitalize on the fact that these are experienced teachers.

I have created a separate blog for this course at

Friday, October 8, 2010

NCTM Regional Conferences & Expositions 2010, Denver, Colorado 7-8 October 2010

US teachers who are interested in the problem-solving approach to teaching mathematics attended a presenttaion on the role problems can play in an early grades mathematics classroom.

In the afternoon, there was a different sessions on features of mathematics teaching in early grades in Singapore.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Professional Development at Universidad Santiago de Chile

This is the Third Seminar on the Singapore Method in Mathematics Teaching organised by Universidad de Santiago de Chile (Usach). There were three presentations and one panel. I made two presentations. There were about 400 participants.

On Multiplication

On Assessment

Friday, October 1, 2010

Professional Development and Lesson Study in Chile

In my one week in Chile, there was a host of professional development activities for teachers from public, semi-private and private schools.

Presentation on Earlybird Kindergarten at British Royal School Santiago
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Presentation on My Pals Are Here! Maths at Andree English School Santiago
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Teachers who attended the sessions at Thomas Jefferson School, British Royal School (Conception), The Hebrew Institute and Mackay School (Vina del Mar) will find this presentation relevant.

Presentation on Pensar sin Limites at various schools can be found in another blog entry.

Lesson Study
I conducted an open lesson for Primary 2 (Multiplication) at Dagoberto Godoy School in Santiago for all the teachers from the eight primary schools in this semi-private school cluster.
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I also conducted an open lesson for Primary 2 (Addition and Subtraction) at Escuela Republica de Guatemala. Primary 1 and 2 teachers from 54 schools attended the session watching the lesson from a hotel and we had a discussion afterwards.
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