Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 7 | Alexandria

We had sessions on Anchor Tasks and Guided Practice, both of which are learning activities as well Chalkboard Writing and Mathematics Journal.

The slides are here.

We had a side discussion on assessment. For Math in Focus users, the way the Chapter Tests and Mid-Year Examinations and End-of-Year Examinations are set up are not consistent with parental expectations because of differences in the grading system in Singapore and the US. MiF Trainers found that the proportion of unusual / challenging problems in different chapter tests are different, sometimes more, sometimes less. So in a test with five points for those problems, students get 20 when he is good on all tasks except novel items. On another test, only 2 points are allocated, this student gets 23. The measurement differs by 3 points on a 25-point test. That's a difference of more than 10%.

We discuss one way to overcome the problem.

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