Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9.10 | Connecticut (Greenwich Public Schools)

Slides are here.

We open with some international comparative achievement tests data.

For the Grades K-3 session, the morning was devoted to studying the complete lesson structure

1. Anchor Task
2. Journaling
3. Reflection
4. Guided Practice
5. Independent Practice

How does the first thirty minutes look like?
How do we do an Anchor Task based on a Learn in a textbook
We also see how to select one of the three Learns in a textbook and use the other two as Reflection.

In the afternoon we saw three models of teaching word problems including those that focuses on calculation and bar models.

Slides for Grades 4-8 Session are here.

We looked at the three-part lesson structure and the different ways to teach word problems - problem posing, rewrite word problems told orally in one' sown words, presenting. word problem sentence by sentence and modeling reading word problems - we saw examples of each.

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