Wednesday, June 19, 2013

M4thodology Institute at The Bolles School (Grades 3-6 Session)

Photographs of the board and charts are available here.

Day 1

Opening Lecture on Role of Mathematics

Breakout Session 1 on Anchor Task (see notes below)

Breakout Session on Anchor Task
Notes on Anchor Task Breakout Session

Day 2

General Session on Assessment

General Session on Challenging Word Problems - Problems used in the session is available. See for solutions to the eight problems for the session including the three homework problems.

General Session on Generalization and Links to Algebra

Breakout Sessions on Fraction, Ratio and Percent

The discussion on Fractions is here.

Problem for Ratio

Problem for Percentage Change
Day 3

General Session on Visualization

General Session on Questioning Strategies
There are also additional summary notes in the blog entry for the K-2 Institute.

Breakout Session on Multiplication and Division (see below)

Breakout Session on Measurement and Area where we did one word problem lesson, one basic concept lesson (area of triangle) and one drill-and-practice lesson (based on Pick's Theorem on the geoboard grid).

In the Closing Forum, we look at the Japanese features of effective mathematics lesson (Shimizu, 2013). The slide is available in another blog entry.
Lesson to Develop Formula for Area of Triangle

Lesson to Apply (Measurement)

Lesson to Consolidate (Area)


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