Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Resource List for Singapore Math

Lesson Study

I have a blog at www.singaporelessonstudy.com

Singapore Math

Erikson Institute | Marshall Cavendish | Shinglee

Erikson Institute in Chicago did a series of videos on early numeracy in Singapore.

Look at Marshall Cavendish's video gallery for videos on Singapore Math and other things connected to Singapore education.

Shinglee which publishes one of the main secondary textbooks used in Singapore has a video to explain Singapore Math at the secondary levels (Grades 7 - 10).

Shinglee also has a video to explain its implementation in the Philippines. In it, I describe what Singapore Math is.

Some talks done in London - The CPA Approach - Model Method - Number Bonds - Singapore Maths -

Success Story in UK - Watch the video

A related video by a British educator - Didactics Matters

Maths No Problem has a collection of videos on Singapore Maths.

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