Sunday, November 3, 2013

Visit to The Blake School (Day 1)

This is my second visit this year to The Blake School in Hopkins, MN.

Day 1 - I am scheduled to meet with the teachers in middle schools. I will be teaching two classes a Grade 6 lesson on percent and an Algebra 1 lesson. The focus of the discussion with the teachers are (1) Lesson Planning with Anchor Tasks and Problem Solving and (2) Percent.

There is a two-lecture series on lesson planning. The presentation is available in a separate entry.

Day 1 is scheduled to end with a seminar for parents at Parent Information Night.

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  1. We just saw this and we are so sad we missed this presentation! Are you presenting in MN again soon? We are in our second year of Singapore Math (Math in Focus). We'll check back for your response.
    Thank you!