Friday, May 16, 2014

1-Khon Kaen University Course on Qualitative Research Methods in Mathematics Education

This is a useful site for background reading by Harvard University.

0. Introduction

During the first session, you will be asked to state your research problems.

1. Crafting Research Problems

We talked about how research problem is derived from an Interesting and Important situation.

The selection of the research problem is based on economic / utility justification (the competencies under research is useful), is based on reasearch gaps justification (gaps found in international research in that domain), national curriculum justification (that it is a key aspect of the national curriculum or it is an important construct but not yet included in the national curriculum) and local context justification.

Students in this course are encouraged to write the chapter on Research Problem before they even embarked on their data collection. This together with literature review chapters should be ready before data collection.

Exercises are found here.

Statements of research problems shared on the first day:

Thiang's Research Problem | Mathematical communication is related to opportunities given to     students. The relationship is, however, unclear as most studies in mathematical communication     tended to focus on .... In this research, the relationship between students' mathematical communication and opportunities given to students, will be investigated through ... (Notice that the tense used in proposal and thesis are not the same).

What type of literature review do you expect Thiang to do?

What did we do in the other sessions? Session 2 | Session 3 | Session 4

Special Meeting with Masters students from Laos

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