Tuesday, October 21, 2014

History | Subitizing


How many O are there?

 Did you have to count to tell the number? Most likely you did not count. What you did was to subitize. To subitize is to tell how ,any without counting. In class, we discuss subitizing and counting. A little history. By hanging out at British Museum after work each day, I learnt that earliest humans were in Africa around 250,000 years ago. Notice the comma to help you subitize the zeros so you will not misread the numbers. Some people write it this way 200.000 others 200 000. I suppose you can do 200/000 or 200-000 but apparently those has not caught on! Anyway, we know little about these guys  because not much is left behind except for bits of fossils. Some writers speculate that the ability to subitize evolved in humans and otter primates as well as a couple of other animals to allow them to survive. Wolves are charging at you. If you have to count them to decide to fight or take flight, you are likely to be wolf food. It is likely you can tell how many wolves very quickly, at a glance by subitizing. Two wolves, maybe grab a stick and fight them and you get dinner Five wolves, then better climb that tree lest you become dinner (Wolves cannot climb trees, right? Oops!) | Subitize and History

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