Monday, November 17, 2014

Taipei American School

Reflection | How giving students time to figure things out is important before discussing difficult ideas. We saw how some students in grade 1 were able to see that the number of equations for ? + ? = n is (n + 1) ways, We saw how students in grade 3 were able to solve this problem - Jon folded paper stars. Each day he folded two more than the day before. In seven days, he folded 91 paper stars. The class found that he folded 7 on the first days. Along the way a student suggested that the number in the first day cannot be an even number. Another suggested doing 91 divided by 7 and use the quotient 13 to get the number folded on the first day. All very high level thinking for grade 1 and grade 3 students. I encouraged teachers in the school to use anchor tasks to organize their mathematics lessons. 

Discussion Materials

Teaching Place Values 1 | Click Here

Grade 5 Lesson | Click Here We did comparing decimals and whole numbers.

Grade 4 Lesson | Click Here We did solving linear equations.

Grade 3 Lesson | Click Here and Here We did word problem solving.

Grade 2 Lesson |Click Here We did addition of two digit numbers using mental strategies.

Grade 1 Lesson | Click Here We did adding 1, 2 or 3 to another whole number.

Grade K Lesson | Click Here We did comparing three numbers.

Grade Kindergarten A Lesson | Click Here We did a play activity and a drawing activity while focusing on counting to four things in a set.

Singapore Standards for K | Click Here

Where to check out Ten Frames | Didax and EAI Education

Reference Materials

Struggles | Click Here

Another article on Struggles |Click Here

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