Friday, January 16, 2015

Cardinal, Ordinal or Nominal

These are additional notes for Davao Seminar. I will also make some reference to this for London Workshop for Year 1 teachers ...Place value is relevant only when numbers are used as cardinal numbers. On this signboard 15 is used as an ordinal number. To use ordinal numbers, ones needs to be able to do rote counting. You can use ordinal number even though you cannot do rational counting. 

In TG402, the number is used as a nominal number, as a name. Together with the letters, the number identifies a flight - it's the name if the flight. You don't need to be able to do rote or rational counting to be able to use nominal numbers. You need to know the name of digits though. And you say the number by uttering the digits - four zero two - not four hundred two or four hundred and two (as we do in Singapore).

These are PCK for teachers. Teachers do not teach children these technical terms but model correct usage of numbers. And PCK help us assess accurately. 

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