Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 5 | Danbury

Day 1 Slides are available here.
We focused on teaching problem solving rather than teaching to solve a problem. We looked at classroom practices and teachers actions to cultivate mathematical practices.

We looked at  grade five word problem and a grade four lesson on addition if unlike fractions. We also looked at a grade one subtraction lesson and a kindergarten lesson on triangle and a pre-kindergarten lesson on counting small numbers. We ended the day with a lesson on word problem for grade two.

The key focus is on the use of a single problem (Polya) solved over an extended period of time (Piaget). The students work in groups (Vygotsky) using concrete materials and visuals (Bruner) and explain their ideas in a whole class discussion using informal language (Dienes). The focus on concepts and conventions on top of just knowing the procedures in mathematics (Skemp) was demonstrated.

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  1. Where do you post your upcoming seminars for 2016 in the United States?