Sunday, September 11, 2016

Oslo, Norway | 12 September 2016

Summary - we examined five experiences students need to have and all the theories supporting them using the case study of addition (7+3+2) and subtraction (200-18). We also looked at multiplication (times table) and division (351:3). We use these case studies to examine learning experiences for high level learning. 

We looked at two introductory bar model problems and one challenging one. We see how word problem help students develop visualization, communication and metacognition.

Two Singapore textbooks that have been internationalized are 
1 Maths - No Problem! - adapted for England
2. Math in Focus - adapted for US
3. Primary Mathematics - adapted for US

Two bar model book for teachers 

The Apps I used in the sessions which include Pieces Basic Abd some from BrainingCamp.

Slides from the presentations 


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