Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 21.22.23 | London

Professional Development for Year 1 Teachers in Textbook Project by NCETM and organized by Maths - No Problem!

The three days are organized around the three themes Teach Assess Differentiate (TAD)

Day 1 | Teach - Slides Here

During reflection at the end if the day, participants surfaced Teaching to Mastery Framework - exploring, structuring, journaling, reflecting, practising. They also reminded each other of the Big Five Theoretical underpinnings of teaching well Bruner, Piaget, Dienes, Vygotsky and Skemp. And the Three Core Competencies in mathematics learning visualization, generalization, number sense which were demonstrated but not yet articulated in Day 1. 

Day 2 | Assess - Slides Here

We looked at formative assessment (three-level rubric) as well as specific tools such as Newman Framework as well as Framework to Assess Advanced Ability in Maths. We concluded the day with a look into the Summative Assessment Framework for Key Stage 1 - compute, apply and in context.

Day 3 | Differentiate - Slides Here

We learnt some strategies to support struggling learners ...
1. Use concrete and visuals (Bruner) and to contextualize children's learning.
2. Use collaborative structures to promote talk and provide opportunities to see others' ways of thinking.
3. Use scaffolding questions (model, scaffold, let go)
4. Provide ample processing time (anchor tasks)

Also advanced learners ...
1. Reverse the task
2. Write a story
3. Think of an original way
4. Explain
5. Writes note to a friend or help a friend 

Close to 90 participants from schools connected to the Maths Hub from around England is attending the event. 

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