Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 26.27.28 | Manchester

Over three days we discussed different aspects of key topics. the slides can be found in the relevant sections.

Slides for Whole Numbers Here

Slides for Fractions Here

Slides for Model Method Here

Slides for Other Topics

Summary for Day 1
We saw lessons to develop concepts like concept of equal parts and making tens as well as renaming 300 for 300-179. We also saw the concepts of partial products and partial quotients.

We focused on lesson structure and saw one entire lesson from anchor task to independent practice.

We considered the framework for teaching to mastery. And learnt about the five key theories - Piaget, Bruner, Skemp, Vygotsky and Dienes.

Summary for Day 2 
We did mostly fractions and reviewed whole numbers and did further work on model method. Differentiation for advanced learners was also discussed.

Summary for Day 3 
Discussion on differentiation for struggling learners kicked the day off. We did challenging word problems using bar model as well as a lesson on symmetry and area. 

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