Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 10 | Davao

Slides for Early Mathematics Session | Slides Here

Slides for Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Session | Slides Here

There seems to be some concerns among teachers about the KPUK Levels introduced by DepEd of The Philippines.

Let me help clarify (disclaimer - I am not an expert in this as I do not work in that system. this is based on my understanding of assessment and facts I gleaned from various sources.)

According to this assessment framework learning outcomes can be assessed at the following levels
Product or Performance

The key thing for Filipino teachers to do is to read the definitions of these terms.

Knowledge - facts and information acquired
Process - cognitive operations that student performs on facts and information for the purpose of constructing understandings

Understanding - enduring big ideas, principles, generalizations inherent in the discipline

Product or Performance - real-life applications of understanding as evidenced by student's performance of authentic tasks

These are important things in the learning of mathematics and there was a question during the conference if Singapore textbooks pay attention to these. Answer - Yes. Our education system emphasises thinking, problem solving, and real-world application. Applied learning is important and has been recently been surfaced for further emphasis by the minister of education.

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