Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 2 | Connecticut (Ridgefield Public Schools)

Slides are available here!

"Who cares about factoring quadratic expressions. Factoring quadratic is merely a vehicle, a vehicle to practice and  to be able to see algebraic terms elegantly move into their positions. To be able to use the eyes in our minds. To be able to do visualization.

This ability opens up opportunities.

This is the ability that allows us to read between the lines and enjoy the subtleties of literature. To see trends in messy economic data. To see the potential in laws of physics and harness them to improve quality of life. To see the relevance of history to modern society. To see the unseeable to create new alloys to make air travels cheaper and safer.

To connect what is seemingly unrelated. To clarify what is seemingly murky. To see possibilities. To see potential.

All that required a good mind that can visualize, that can connect and can do all these based on strong values.

How can we as teachers do that in our everyday instructional practices? What can school leaders do to facilitate this? What must be in place within the systems? 

I hope the lecture gives you some food for thought. Good morning."


  1. Fabulous talk this morning! Thank you for your honesty and clarity around some tough issues.

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