Friday, April 24, 2015

April 24 | London

Panel on The role of Textbooks in Teaching to Mastery Chair - Khaled Choudhury Moderator - John Grove Panelists - Jeremy Hannay | Tony Gardiner | Greg Wallace | Sabina Netttey | London
Summary | A high-quality set of panelist of leading mathematician and head teachers and deputy head teacher and curriculum adviser. Jeremy presented ideas on mastery in relation to Skemp. He invited panels to consider textbook quality and structures that create freedom.
He refers to various tools to develop mastery, one of which is the use of variation in designing practice.
Jeremy also used a phrase I coined for formative assessment- runway indicators.

Bloom, B. coined maths mastery four decades ago. Today, we continue to discuss it.

My favourite point of the session was when Tony 'reprimanded' the audience not to assimilate but to accommodate, referencing Piaget. He was worried the audience is using existing mindset in their participation in the panel. He said we should struggle with ideas being brought up because a lot of things discussed requires a different way of looking at things - "a different mindset altogether" as Sabina put it.

Keynote Lecture was presented by Tim Oates.

-Key Note Address: The Journey to Maths Mastery in the UK
Tim Oates, Group Director of Assessment Research and Development, Cambridge Assessment, United Kingdom

Lecture | Yeap Ban Har Available Here


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