Monday, May 2, 2016

New Rochelle, USA | 2.3 May 2016

In the introduction, I provided some data to show that it is possible for the average learners to perform at a high level and struggling learners to continue to have subsequent opportunities. The rest of the two days is to work out how.

In Session 1, we looked at how even computation can be taught as problem solving. We look at word problem lesson (grade five), long division (grade three and beyond) and addition within twenty (grade one) are taught in the problem solving approach.
Lessons begin with exploration followed by structured learning. At some point, students journal.

We also examined ways to develop visualization.

In Session 2, we looked at bar models. In Session 3, we consolidated our learning about ways to develop visualization.

In the making ten lesson, ten frames and counters were used to help students visualize how 8 + 6 becomes 10 + 4.

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