Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Las Vegas, USA | 21 July 2016 SDE Session SE02 Lesson Study

Session SE02
Lesson Study and Singapore Math
Through lesson study we achieve a level of precision that makes teaching a profession,
We learn content, pedagogy, pedagogical content knowledge, also to collaborate professionally and to have a lens to look at children and curriculum materials.

Through this session, we get a glimpse of one professional development tool teachers in Singapore use. In terms of content, we considered addition at early grade levels and how making ten is a non negotiable.

In the lesson study discussed as a case study, we saw how teachers learn to move students  away from counting to making ten which is critical. The use of ten frames and the choice of numbers allows more students to access the idea of making ten.

Reference |
Akihiko Takahashi from DePaul University and Catherine Lewis from 

For the ten frame app, search for brainingcamp AMD you will find a bundle that includes various app suitable for elementary school.

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