Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kansas City, USA | 12 July 2016

Keynote Lecture

We started the lecture by looking at how assessment is embedded in instruction. In particular, we saw the use of asking students to pose a question for a given word problem. We also saw how switching the number allows us to precisely pin-point the difficulty that a student have. Exactly how this can be done, well, you need to be at the lecture.

We also looked at indicators we can use to identify advanced learners. Also, how to use runway indicators to help us determine that a student is ready to move on despite not mastering the entire learning outcomes. We were alerted to a few pitfalls - unless our assessment lens is clear assessment data are useless. This lecture is all about clarifying our assessment lens.

We saw one case of how Teachers respond to assessment data. If a student is found to be derailed by the use of an encoded convention (say, long division), then the intervention is obvious.

We ended by looking at testing as a way to assess and the principle of composing a test - needs to include three items types and we saw the international scale for grading.

K-2 Classroom Session on Critical Concepts

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