Thursday, August 11, 2016

Manila, The Philippines | 13 August 2016

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Session 1|Teaching Effective Math Lessons

Session 2|Singapore Textbook Problems

Session 3|Understanding Critical Competencies in Learning Math

Para Sa Bata - Singapore Math Advocate Conference

Session 3 focused on Number Sense, one of the five critical competencies in learning math.

Earlier, Teachers have seen the use of questions such as Are You Sure to develop Metacognition, Do You Notice Anything to develop Observing Patterns for Generalization, Can You Imagine for Visualization and Why for Communication. Other than scaffold questions, what are the other ways to develop each of these core competencies.

Number Sense is developed mostly through number bonds and mental strategies.
If you are interested in the Apps that I am using, kindly look at previous post. The presentation is also uploaded on my Facebook.

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