Monday, August 8, 2016

Seattle, USA | 8.9 August 2016

These are the Apps that I used during the sessions.

After Greg did the Opening Keynote, I met with K-2 to discuss critical concepts in counting, addition and subtraction 

We looked at what the critical concepts are, how to develop them and what are the underlying competencies required.
Standard algorithms in subtraction are essentially number bonds.

Grades 3-6 looked at operations involving while numbers with a focus on multi-digit multiplication and division. We looked at a lesson to learn a new concept and a practice lesson.
Long division is essentially partial quotients.

Must drill and practice be Low level? That's the question we explored in this interesting problem. The class made a discovery too (see red).

A general elective on lesson planning closes Day 1


K-2 did a session on journaling and formative assessment 

Grades 3-6 looked attests to help students with word problems

My closing keynote is to have Teachers understand the critical role of struggles in learning. In performing the five core competencies in math, struggle is needed. For example, to visualise requires struggle as it involves seeing things that are not obvious.

We looked at one way to make struggle palatable to all even students who have unproductive mindset due to whatever that have happened broader we get to meet them.

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