Monday, March 12, 2018

Prague Seminar | 13 March 2018

I did a seminar Edge of Education for parents of students at International School of Prague, discussing how mathematics learning can be used as a tool to develop awesome kids. 

We often focus on skills, problem solving and achievement score in discussing mathematics teaching and learning so I wanted parents to see how education, when done well, is ultimately is developing kids into young adults who are intelligent, articulate, kind - essentially awesome.

How can that happen? 

Find out at the talk in Prague.

What the market place demands of our kids are changing and will continue to change. as they say, the only constant is change. 

Are our kids developing the right kind of skills to put them in a place where opportunities continue to be available to them and they continue to have options?

For nations, developing their intellectual capital is critical. For parents, developing their kids into young adults who are well-adjusted is paramount. How can mathematics learning do that?

A glimpse into what the brain does in relation to mathematical tasks.

Kids learn Maths but they also learn about the nature of Maths and who they are as learners. Mindset, as Dweck tells us, is critical in learning. And mindsets shape one's personality.

How can learning in general and mathematics learning in particular help kids develop skills, cultivate attitudes and increase their capacity to figure things out in critical and hopefully creative ways?

Some examples I used to make my points ...

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  1. This was an amazing presentation to parents. In my opinion one of the best I have ever experience in 20 years. Thank you!!