Thursday, July 12, 2018

Kansas City Course | 12 July 2018

A Day with Grades 6-9

I did the course on Rational Numbers and Algebraic Thinking for this group on Day 3 of the event. 

We look at the use of models to help students learn mathematical ideas. In cases that are difficult to model we employ reasoning to help students use what they can model to figure out what they cannot.

For fractions, we focused on division by fractions. 

Again we compare the use of model as well as model + reasoning.

Along the way we had a bit of fun.

Algebraic Thinking 1 - Generalization - coming soon 

Algebraic Thinking 2 - Use of Variables - coming soon 

105 people went on a trip. 4/5 of the adults and 2/3 of the children took several yellow buses. The remaining 29 took a red bus.

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