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Kansas City Courses | 11 July 2018

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Kansas City | K-2 Journals
We looked at four journal types. 

I invited the class to think about the roles of journals as 'homework' - class started 15 minutes late because the keynote ended late. And it was 4 p.m. and the Teachers have been in sessions since 8 a.m. Greg is a slave-driver so he packs the day for the participants 😂.

After 4 there's still yoga and all sorts of dancing, if you are the dancing type. Me, I went for Chicken Katsu and Sake with a couple of friends.

But here are the highlights of the one-hour elective session.

Follow-Up Videos to Watch
Schools talking about the use of journals.

Also see for other additional videos

These are a few examples of journals from schools in Thailand (Anglo Singapore International School) and South Africa (King David School).

Source | Anglo Singapore IS - a glimpse into how a child counts 100
There is evidence of counting groups but is it groups of ten?

Source | Anglo Singapore IS - upon completing a practice worksheet students are asked to sort those that they have to do regrouping and those that they do not need to.

Source | King David School - this student was responding to "Draw a Friend who is 7 paper-clips tall". Like all kids his age, he drew a Friend and crossed his fingers.


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