Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Singapore | 19 April 2016

Lesson Study at CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel 

A group of teachers from England and the US visited the school and participated in two research lessons in mathematics.

I think one area of work the school can work on is teacher growth through lesson study. 

In one research lesson, we saw students learning to measure mass of things less than one kg.

In my comments as knowledgeable others, I brought up three points. First, this lesson is a study of exploration versus structured learning. Second, this lesson afforded us to rethink which parts of the lesson can be taken out of the hands of the teacher and done using technology.  

In addition, the three tasks for guided practice - weighing A, B and C, allows formative assessment (assessment for learning). Students got the correct reading when the reading fell on numbered parts of the scale such as 250g but there was a range of answers when it did not. I asked the question on how the teacher could make use of this assessment data to help students learn to read the scales correctly in such situations | Lesson Study

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