Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Connecticut, USA | 8 November 2016

Farmington Public Schools

Singapore Math, as people call it, started as the government's initiative to improve mathematics learning of students who were not performing well. Hence, the provision of processing time, use of concrete materials and spiral approach are integral fundamentals of mathematics teaching and learning advocated by Singapore's curriculum.
 Case Study 1 - we saw the unfolding of an anchor task taken from MiF.
This is a summary of the discussion.

Refer to http://3rteachertraining.com/ipad-apps-ban-har-uses/#more-2263 for links to these apps.

 Case Study 2 - we looked at an anchor task from MiF. We discussed target method, accessible method and advanced method.

Case Study 3 - Example from Grade 9 Singapore Textbook.

Helping students who need more time or more support....

Case Study on Long Division


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