Saturday, December 6, 2014

Anglo Singapore International School | Bangkok

Teachers Session | Click Here for a summary of the discussion on differentiated instruction using a common task.

We learn how to differentiate instruction using an open task as well as differentiated instruction using a basic skill practice tasks.

Make a list of strategies for advanced learners and a list of strategies to support struggling learners.

Three stages of a maths lesson. Four things teachers do to help acquisition and refinement of knowledge. Five things advanced children can do.

How does anchor task and guided practice promotes DI?
How does the use of a journal consistent with DI?
How is asking for more than one method a DI strategy?
How does concrete materials and visuals help?
How does the extended time with one task (anchor task) help?
How does collaborative learning help?

Parents Session | Click Here for two of my list of Big Fives.

Five things advanced children can do. Five core competencies in mathematics.

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