Thursday, December 11, 2014

Greg Tang's Math Institute 3-5 Workshops | 11.12 December 2014

Day 1 Workshop on Making Connections using Multiplication and Division | Click Here for slides and photographs

We studied how multiplication facts are developed - counting, figuring out, remembering.
We saw how a practice lesson can be challenging for advanced learners yet support struggling learners with (a) a standard strategy (b) literal strategies such as doubling (c) extended time to work on a single idea - how to multiple two-digit numbers.

We looked at how division of fractions is connected to division of whole numbers.

Day 2 Workshop on Bar Models

We used four examples to learn basic and advanced ways to use bar models for complex word problems for topics in ratio, percent and so on.

We looked at teacher modeling reading, scaffolding visualizing and the emphasis on mental strategies. We saw examples of problem posing (Silver).

The last two problems are challenging. The last one is for 'homework'.

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