Thursday, December 11, 2014

Greg Tang's Math Institute K-2 Workshops | Honolulu 11.12 December 2014

Workshop 1 | K-2 Click Here for Slides
This workshop focuses on the development of number sense.

We saw the fundamental of counting - same nouns, renaming when nouns are different.
We saw the use of ten frames in counting and also the difference between proportionate and non-proportionate materials. Participants offered the progression for counting - (1) real things before manipulative (2) single nouns before multiple nouns (3) proportionate before non-proportionate.

We saw the use of ten frames, number bonds and visual models to develop number sense.

For addition, we studied the case of single-digit addition and for subtraction, we saw multi-digit subtraction. We also saw an example of a lesson that focused on practice and how the advanced learners are challenged. Struggling learners get support from (1) concrete materials (2) time to figure out (3) working with friends.

Reflection Task | How does the make a shape using four tiles develop number sense?

Workshop 2 | slides are in the same Album as above.

The focus was on multiplicative structures for young children.

We looked at readiness for teen numbers as well as a strong concept in counting in single / two nouns. We also looked at comparing groups and making equal groups.

The main case study looked at variation of problems used in multiplication where we go from both factors represented using physical representations, to only one of the factors represented physically to both factors represented symbolically across four lessons.

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