Friday, June 24, 2016

Jacksonville, USA | 25.26 June 2016

'In the opening session we looked at two examples of situations, one pure one applied, which students experience so that they learn to describe their observations verbally using common language and formally using terms, expressions, equations and functions. We looked at linear and exponential function. We also got talking a bit about factors such as expectations and motivations in mathematics learning.
Sarah did a session on metacognition. In Session 3, I focus on developing the ability to read and write expressions and equations.

In the penultimate session we looked at geometry lessons as a case study to review and also to discuss how struggling learners are supported.
Session on Geometry 

We looked at proofs for two cases if angles at center and angles at circumference (twice). We saw one way to do guided practice - focusing on metacognition.

Sarah took it home with bar models and concluding remarks. See you next year!

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